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We are dedicated to the protection and conservation of the areas in which we operate, as well as to improving the quality of life of the communities who live in and around them. The Trustees of the Conservation Travel Foundation have a deep understanding of all the areas in which we operate and they endorse the concept of responsible tourism that promotes conservation and development initiatives. Ultimate Safaris raises an additional 2.5% of our commercial revenue for conservation, and the funds produced are used for projects approved by the Conservation Travel Foundation. These projects range from assistance for rhino and predator conservation programmes to the improvement of school infrastructure in remote rural areas.

In effect, this means that all those embarking on any programme arranged by Ultimate Safaris and our trade partners give tangible assistance to the Namibian people in their efforts to achieve economic viability without harming their natural habitats and wildlife. This is done by utilizing both on a managed and sustainable basis which also allows for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. We believe that successful conservation depends on meaningful partnerships with the communities who live in and around the wilderness areas in which we operate. Sharing the benefits involved with the people who open their hearts to welcome our guests into some of the world’s most beautiful natural locations is the only way we know of to ensure that these places can be conserved for our children – and for our children’s children.


Funds raised

Desert Lion Conservation

US$ raised for Desert Lion Conservation

Giraffe Conservation

US$ raised for Giraffe Conservation

//Huab Rhino Conservation

US$ raised for //Huab Rhino Conservation

HWC Response Unit

US$ raised for HWC Response Unit

AfriCat Foundation

US$ raised for AfriCat Foundation

Rural Education

US$ raised for Rural Education

Rhino Conservation

US$ raised for Rhino Conservation

Life Enriching Journeys

Our Camps

Our camps are conservation impact investments, pioneering environmental sustainability, community development and conservation. Our philosophy is that the investment into our camps should be moderate from both a financial and environmental perspective, ensuring sustainability on all levels without the pressure of having to recoup large financial investments. This keeps the focus on re-investing revenue into conservation and the provision of Life Enriching Journeys through offering stays as part of truly unique experiences.

Private Retreat Camps Mobile Camps

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