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Company Profile

Company Profile

Namibia's own property / home related magazine

From 2006 to date HouseFinder magazine went through variations and changes and has rebranded itself. It has grown exponentially in this period, with its glamorous face presenting a sophisticated feel. 100% Namibian in content, the magazine now includes a focused Property, Home, Garden, Market section, Shop Windows and Classifieds offering a complete package for the home owner in Namibia.

HouseFinder is a practical guide for the home and garden that makes life easier for those wanting to buy or rent a home, build or make alterations, or even try their hand at gardening and decorating.

HouseFinder is a focused advertising medium for real estate agents, developers as well as companies with property related products and services such as Home, Architecture, Gardening, Decorating, Renovating etc. With the Shop Windows and Classifieds companies and individuals have the option to advertise products and services not related to only property.

With four of the 12 issues HouseFinder brings you focused bumper issues during the year (The bumper issues are printed on high gloss paper and perfect binded, making it a more expensive and valuable product):

  • March Easter edition
  • June Winter/Home edition
  • September Spring/Garden edition
  • December Summer/Holiday edition

Look and Feel

HouseFinder is printed on the highest quality Avalon matt paper to ensure the longest shelf life. The design/layout is done professionally and the glamorous look makes it one of Namibia’s top quality reads.

Distribution and print

Available to the public free of charge, in wooden HouseFinder stands.

Print run: 7 000 – 8 000 per month.

Distribution is done monthly in more than 80 targeted outlets in Windhoek and the Coast, including (but not limited to) architectural firms, restaurants, coffee shops, nurseries, retail outlets, selected consulting rooms and advertisers.

Demographic Profile

After a market survey done in 2008 the following was observed:

  • The readers of HouseFinder consist of 40% male and 60% female;
  • HouseFinder has a diverse age group and the majority is 30+;
  • The average HouseFinder reader is either a person interested in buying, renting or selling their property or the home owner with a vision to design or create a better lifestyle and wanting to stay up to speed with the market, ideas and trends. There is also the individual sitting/waiting in the coffee shop accidently stumbling on a magazine;
  • Our readers’ diverse income ranges from N$8 000 to N$100 000;
  • Our readers’ LSM (living standard measurement) is 6 to 10.

HouseFinder Online

In addition to the magazine we have our online ezine and website for easy reference. The ezine enables people outside of our distribution areas to reach your advertisement online. On the website you will find an easy to use guide to professional services and products, real estate companies, and the best articles related to architecture, interior, gardening and food.The website was launched on 7 February 2007. In August 2014 a new searchable database for agents as well as companies was added. This service is exclusive to HouseFinder clients.


  • 2007 - 63 400 visitors
  • 2008 - 49 866 visitors
  • 2009 - 163 373 visitors
  • 2010 - 173 099 visitors
  • 2011 - 158 834 visitors


  • Creative advertisements
  • Quality distribution
  • Effective results
  • Exceptional customer service
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